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    How can I contact you?
    Click on the Contact Us button in the main menu or phone 011-791-5019

    What paymet methods do you accept?
    We accept Visa and mastercard and Diners Club credit cards. Electronic payments and direct deposits. For details see bottom navigation bar.

    Are your pefumes and Fragrances Genuine?
    Yes. We only supply genuine, original fragrances. We do not supply imitations or "Knock offs". Our Perfumes are only sourced from reputable Wholsalers around the world. There are many people selling fake perfumes, if the price is too good to be true, be careful.

    What is a "Tester" or "Unboxed"?
    Testers are original,unused perfumes but come without the fancy box and sometimes the cap. The packaging and cap are often expensive so you can save money by buying a tester. Unboxed perfumes are the origainal perfumes but come in a plain white box.This is another great way to save money if the perfume is for your own use. If the product is a tester or unboxed it will be shown in the product description.